Accounting / Audit / Tax

Every year, HK limited companies have to do their accounting and get their books audited by a practicing CPA.

We offer accounting packages that include Accounting, Auditing and Tax Filing (from a partner as the accountant cannot be the same as the auditor).

We have standard packages for clients with turnover between 0 and 5 million HKD.

What is really unique about us is that:

  1. We provide accounting, audit and tax representation in the same package (it’s full service)

  2. We charge according to turnover level, not based on transaction (and this is really the good news for you) – we still put a 2,500 transaction cap on our standard package.

  3. We use technology to help us and therefore reduce the bill for our clients by finding creative solutions to their complex challenges

This has helped us to gain specific expertise with e-commerce and Amazon Shop clients in addition to our more traditional trading and business services clients.

Depending on your needs and budget, we can do your accounting annually or on an ongoing basis

We can also use Xero to keep your accounting nice and tidy using cloud-based software



Specific expertise with:


Business Services


Digital Nomads


Why work with us?
  •  All inclusive package
  • No hidden fees – 100% transparent and complete about our services and pricing
  • Boutique customer service (talk to humans)
  • Competitive pricing
  • Affiliation opportunity
  • Really approachable
  • Clear and easy


This approach has earned us the trust of existing clients, countless referrals and new “shopping clients” undecided between several providers…

package starting at only HKD 7,600

Frequently Asked Questions

I didn't do anything with the business should I do the audit?

Well – yes you should … unless you have really done nothing. Not a single transaction. For example, you didn't have any bank account and you didn’t sell nor buy anything. In this case, you can file a notice of non-commencement of business.

What is the difference between the accounting and audit?

The accountant is putting your accounts together to reflect the financial performance of your business. The auditor is a third party that will check that the accountant did a good job. This is why they have to be different people. We partner with auditors so you just have to work with us and we will handle everything for you.

What is the tax rate in Hong Kong?

16.5% but HK government is talking about reducing to 8.25% for profit bellow HKD2,000,000

Should I claim offshore tax exemption?

Normally, we do not advise our clients to apply for offshore tax exemption for 3 reasons:

-The international environment became more complicated recently and is about to become totally transparent by 2018 (with the CRS of OECD – Common Reporting Standard). We believe advising our clients to claim offshore tax exemption (and therefore demonstrate the lack of substance in Hong Kong) is not responsible as they may face issues later down the road in their country of residence.

-The process itself… As Hong Kong is trying to enter OECD they are being more and more stringent and picky to deliver the tax exemption. It is important to work with experts that keep an eye on the IRD policies. So we prefer to transfer to companies that only do that.

-Our own Strategy: Our strategy is to advise our clients to onshore in Hong Kong and create a tax effective structure in Hong Kong with an actual taxation of 5 to 15% instead of going for an attractive but difficult, costly and dangerous 0% (exempt). Nowadays, we recommend either a total onshoring with the entrepreneur living here or a semi-nomad option with a HK residency but live-abroad (generally southeast asia) with a proper residency status.

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