I contracted Laurent to work on a fundraising business plan for a client active in (confidential) business in Thailand. He delivered a well developed and well designed plan that we could use with confidence. I would recommend his service.

Genoud Raphael

Quick and Easy Business Plan!

A great approach to a simple business plan. Asks all the right questions and the example helps to see how to approach answers. Exactly what you need for your small business startup.

Ekow Asamoah

Quick but good overview

If you are thinking about starting a HK company, then this course if for you. It gives you just enough info to get started, but dosen’t drown you in details. Thumbs up!

Christoffer Hjortlund

Very Clear and Concise

A really helpful Course which provides a clear structure and actionable advice on how to improve your presentation Skills! Thanks Laurent, this is going to make such a difference!

John Colley MA(Cantab), MBA, FSI

Laurent provides guidance, clarity and ruthless compassion for us to get a business plan in place. Dealing with a lot of resistance from our side he keeps us on track and delivers a solid plan grounded in figures and reality. Feel free to reach out if I can support you making a choice who to work with and I gladly recommend Laurent and his team.

Bart Minne

Good course, lots of visual that helped to understand point of view

Elaine Montalto

Excellent Course! Step by step and outlined properly. Great course

Lynda Onoja

Exactly the insight I needed.
This breaks it down simply and clearly.

Damion Torrez

Great materials and videos

Laurent does a great job with this course. He has downloadable templates you can do while you watch the videos that make it really easy to get started on your marketing plan. Love it!

Vanessa Van Edwards

Laurent Timmermans is a highly effective marketing and business development consultant. His insight and input have assisted us in defining and implementing our growth strategy for the next three years. James Daly, Managing Director, DevonHouse Corporate Training Ltd.

James Daly


TONS of information in just a few minutes. Will definitely be purchasing the detailed version.


Vandry King

Want to become a better presenter? Take this course

I have been a lecturer for almost 15 years and used to be presenting content day in and day out. Still, I find that this course is already making me a much better presenter. I strongly recommend it to anyone who needs to talk to an audience and make an impact.

Dr Peter Dalmaris

Just what an entrepreneur needs

This was exactly what I needed as a budding entrepreneur. Usually this business plan process is a fearful step for starting a business, but Laurent breaks it down wonderfully and methodically. I highly recommend this course to anyone who’s serious about bringing their idea to life.

Billy Corveetveet

I got more than I paid for. Excellent course!
This is one of those rare occasions where you get more than you paid for. This is not a course only about writing a business plan, this is effectively a MBA Crash Course. Very good lectures, very good explanations and visual communication. This course is above and beyond most other courses on Udemy. Totally worth it!

Hugo Pinto

Usefull! This is a really comprehensive course. Although I have a management background it helped me to integrate my knowledge’s and use a simple step by step approach to carry out my business analysis. It is also pretty engaging as I can use the templates to brainstorm with my team.

Ben Lardinoit

Good Job Laurent!

This was a great course. Laurent manages to visit all the components needed for a business plan as well as open my eyes at things I wasn’t aware of that should be at least considered in writing a business plan if not included in it. Chapeau! –

Hussein Medhat Mohamed

Excellent Course

I was more than surprised at the depth of this course. Great explanations, examples, and tools to use for planning. Plus the examples shown are also made available which is really wonderful. Thank you. It is a five star rated course for sure.

Lynn Sheldon

Good workshop. Laurent tailored the session in a very interactive way, mixing lectures and hands-on exercises relating directly to my business. Will highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested to get a quick start on generating a business model.

Lionel Negrotto

I hired Laurent to help me to review a proposal for a client of mine. In just few hours of work he has been able to provide me with a simple, visual and professional structure that helps me sell my services with more impact. I would recommend people to work with him… 

Johannes (Chienyu) Huang

CEO at China StepOne
Beyond expectation

Direct, easy to follow, and practical lessons. Covers a wide range of topics, yet each topic is covered comprehensively.

Highly recommended!

Michael lim

Damn Good Course

I fully recommend this class! It is simple to understand and quite complete! A good point to start well your business!

David Teasing

Superb program!!!

I’m at the very beginning stages of starting a business and this program helps me tremendously…thank you Mr. Laurent

Billy J. Laurent

Marketing Vision

Excellent guide on marketing plans for your business with templates and step by step process. Highly recommended.

Mark Robinson


Really good course for the newbies or the one really want to have a good start -up.

Teja Mulagala

Awesome Course ! Highly Recommended

Great Course for every entrepreneur and marketer…!

vikram melkote

Good job.

I really needed it to help myself to make clarity about my business projects.

Manuel Fogli

The course was helpful enough to focus on a set plan and what you want to offer as your service/product. I teach dance and Pilates and I have an investor who is willing to invest on a new studio, but some of the financial lectures were a little out of my league. So I’m going to take another online course to understand the financial aspect of owning your own business. I would encourage the same for other people that have never taken a business course. Thanks Laurent!

Sara Tull

Great for any entrepreneur looking for insight and expansion

As an entrepreneur looking to advance my business by developing new product and putting them into new areas of the market this course has given me the insight into just how to plan for that process. In addition, I feel I can better lead my team with the documents and examples provided into being a more cohesive unit.

Brian Pindell

Brilliant Course! So well structured & well done!

What i love about this course is the author keeps it short, simple but to the point. Everything u need to know about developing a business plan is well presented and illustrated with smooth animation and eye-catching graphics. The idea of using post-it is so easy & effective! Definitely recommend this course to all entrepreneurs out there!

Joanna H

Good job.

I really needed it to help myself to make clarity about my business projects.

Manuel Fogli

Great session! Covered content planning to video production execution. Laurent is passionate about the topic and really keen to share.


Great Course !
Now i know how to make business plan ?

Thanks for this course and thanks for all your feedback !
Laurent you are Awesome !

David Elefant

Great course, helpful advice

Elaine Montalto

Useful and Laurent has made complex information easy to understand. And he is very patient as well


An interesting course!

M. Lair

Me and my business partners hired Laurent for a two day presentation training. Our work requires frequent presentations and Laurent’s training was exactly what we needed to take our presentation to the next level. From novice speakers to those who are more experienced, all of the participants learned something valuable and practical that they could applied immediately. I am a happy witness to the drastic improvements in all of our presentation. Highly recommended and value for your investment in yourself and your business!

QY Zhou

Working with Laurent is an inspirational experience. His knowledge in the area of soft skill training and business models is fruitful. He is open to new ideas and appreciates different opinions. We often create something new in our discussions, and he always provides relevant examples and/or models to support our ideas, which is valuable and motivational. He is detail-oriented but he won’t lose sight of the big picture. Laurent, I look forward to working with you in the near future

Pauline Wong

Owner of SPONGE Consultancy
Very Enlighting!

I just finished the course right now. I thought I would struggle far more than I did:

Being almost a total ignorant in business admin in general, and business planing (at least decent), mr. Timmermans has been able to do a comprehensive, yet crystal clear and friendly course that has changed my perceptions, knowledge and surely my professional future with his course.

I dearly recommend it!

I’ve enrolled fot the “damn Good Business Plan” too, to make sure that I do not miss anything on developing business plans, but I think this could already be enough to star designing any small business.

Thank you!

Sergio Durre Irizar

Owner of SPONGE Consultancy
An Excellent, 1-Stop, 5 Step Marketing Planning Tool

There are a number of things I like about this course:

1. Laurent provides a simple, straight-forward system for planning

2. You come away with the ability to write your Marketing Plan in as much depth, or as cursory as best fits your organization

3. He breaks down the 5 steps into micro-views, and

4. He ties it all together in 1 simple 5-step system

5. The course is perfectly-timed — not too long nor too short; and

6. No fluff, &

7. You can’t beat the price!

I am heading out to take applied action on this course (i.e., my 2014 annual marketing plan); and I definitely will take additional trainings by Laurent Timmermans

Great Job, Laurent! Thank you. Keep up your good work! 

Malcolm Dayton