Our CSR Stance

CSR is not about doing business as usual and running a “CSR program”

CSR is about running the entire company “in the right way” from strategy to execution. Starting deep inside with nature of the business itself.

There is no point in having a “clean the beach day” or “help box lifting in a food NGO Guillemets” or making “donations to Greenpeace” when your company sells cigarettes or sugary soda that pose threats to people health.

CSR is about running our business in a purpose driven and ethical manner doing the right thing for our clients, employees and community.

We contribute to sustainability by helping people to start, grow and optimise sustainable businesses.

CSR as a Strategy

Our Impact
Activate Entrepreneurship
Promote and facilitate implementation of Strategic CSR with the SME community.
Ensure small business compliance.
Provide corporate / personal - structures that enable entrepreneurship.
Use our core competencies to help community (not for profit)

Community Initiatives

We are member of United Nations ESCAP Sustainability Business Network and active in the Youth Entrepreneurs Task force (YET)

We are creating awareness about CSR and Sustainable Development Goals from United Nations through the Hong Kong SME Sustainability Forum

We are also supporting AIESEC. An organisation that align with our values by delivering free Workshops to and by referring potential partners when we can.

We currently help 2 charities (HK Section 88) which goals are aligned with our values and SDG’s by providing free accounting services.


TRUST and STAFF HAPPINESS: Is at the center of our People Management strategy.

MASTERY: We intend to develop people to reach their full potential. Enable them to reach mastery in their art and fulfill themselves in the work place.

FUN EXPERIENCE: Friendly and fun office experience.

CULTURE: Culture of performance and open communication with ongoing feedback.

DIVERSITY: We enjoy diversity: No discrimination on basis of gender, ethnicity, physical abilities (as long as the job can be done) or culture (unless conflicts with our values).

AUTONOMY: Flexible entry and exit of work place, flexible lunch time, ability for employee to run work in their own way, performance based culture without micromanagement.

FLEXIBILITY: 5 day work , on-demand leaves and sick leaves (without request of medical proof).

COMMUNITY: We get involved in our community by providing free training to universities, AIESEC, entrepreneurs, mentoring… and we provide help within our areas of expertise to not for profit organizations.


PURPOSE: Our Business has a social purpose. We help entrepreneurs to start and grow their business. We also help them to be compliant with rules and regulations as well as optimise their structure to improve their own sustainability.

CASHFLOW: Cashflow is essential to the sustainability of the business and we keep sufficient cash reserve to face potential downtime.

STAFF BONUS: We share economic success with employees through salary increase and bonuses

REVENUE STREAM: We generate income in a sustainable and responsible manner. We do not value profit over ethics.

  • We refuse to work with individuals and companies involved in drugs, money laundry, pornography, businesses that do not respect human rights, tax evasion, illegal sales of weapons.
  • We only accept work with tobacco and alcoholic beverage industries IF we can help to make positive sustainable change in their organisation.

TRUTH  OVER SALES: We always tell the truth to clients even if it is not what they want to hear and we do not use misleading marketing strategies.


CRS: Environment

As a Business Service Provider our environmental impact is relatively limited but we can still try to limit it by reducing our travels, waste, consumption habits… as well as compensate for our emissions. Here are our commitments:

Concrete actions:

  • Reduction of unnecessary transport a
  • Reduction of unnecessary shipping
  • Usage of HK e-registry for handling paperwork
  • Usage of cloud computing over courier
  • Usage of online messagerie over travel
  • Buy things made of recycled material
  • Reduce consumption of plastic when possible