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Facebook profit soars

Facebook reports 61% jump in sales and a 16% increase in users; stock jumps after hours Source: Wonder how is facebook doing? Read this article… FB is profitable 90% of their income come from ads… But really I don’t […]

How to Start a Business?

How to Start a Business? You want to start a Business.  You have an idea (or still thinking about it) You are not too sure where to start what to do first. You are receiving conflicting information all over internet  […]

Equity Partners – Who & How Much

equity partnerships as an Entrepreneur is a challenging, yet rewarding experience. Source: See on – Entrepreneurship

The Top Sources of Startup Funding’s latest infographic presents the top sources of funding for startups today, some of which may surprise you. Source: See on – Entrepreneurship

VC Funding Can Be Bad For Your Start Up

Most successful entrepreneurs never take any venture capital. Source: Agree… too many entrepreneurs look for a "golden path" with VC money but it’s not. Better to bootstrap at the beginning and if one day we want VC funding we […]