Athenasia Consulting Limited

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  • Address: 14th Floor, china hong kong tower 8-12 hennessy road


Who we are?

ATHENASIA is a management consulting company based in Hong KongIMG_1975.

We started the business in 2012, primarily focusing on Business Planning and Performance Management consulting and training.

Over the years we have constantly challenged our assumptions and reinvent ourselves. Nowadays, ATHENASIA is your right partner to START of GROW your business.

  • We have more than 35,000 students all around the world
  • More than 1,500 entrepreneurs following us here in Hong Kong.
  • We have helped thousands of people to develop plans, start/grow the business
  • More than 100 workshops and presentations organised since our creation


How we do that?

We work on 4 main areas:

  • Business Plan Development
  • Company Setup and Maintenance (in Hong Kong)
  • Big fundraising USD10million+


What we believe in?

We envision a world in which businesses are contributing to sustainable development. Where financial, social and environmental results are not only balanced but also maximized.

We believe that we can contribute to that vision by making businesses smarter (in terms of the way they are structured and managed) and more human (more purposeful, focused on value creation).

Our solutions inspire both entrepreneurs, managers, team members and Investors to actively contribute to your organization success.

Our Name

Athenasia means “Eternal life” in ancient Greek.  Athenasia also comes from the compression of “Athena” and “Asia”. Athena is the Greek Goddess of:

  • Wisdom: and by extend Philosophy (meaning “love (Philo) of wisdom (Sophia)” ), Rationality, Creativity and Inspiration
  • Warfare: The disciplined, strategic side of war. (In contrast to her brother Ares the patron of violence, bloodlust and slaughter)
  • Craftsmen and techniques: Entrepreneurs

Athena is also an advisor of heros. What a best name for a consulting company that offers services to entrepreneurs and managers in order to help them to run their company in a wiser, more strategic and structured manner to achieve sustainable results.