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We help people and companies to start and grow their businesses by working on both process and people

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Good Job Laurent! This was a great course. Laurent manages to visit all the components needed for a business plan as well as open my eyes at things I wasn’t aware of that should be at least considered in writing a business plan if not included in it. Chapeau! -  Hussein Medhat Mohamed 
Great for any entrepreneur looking for insight and expansion As an entrepreneur looking to advance my business by developing new product and putting them into new areas of the market this course has given me the insight into just how to plan for that process. In addition, I feel I can better lead my team with the documents and examples provided into being a more cohesive unit. Brian Pindell
Good job. I really needed it to help myself to make clarity about my business projects. Manuel Fogli
Core team

Rachel Lee

Consultant, Company Secretary

Our company secretary, always smiling and ready to serve our clients request concerning company compliance in Hong Kong. You need a resolution? A transfer of share? Add a Director? She is your girl!  Hobby: Dancing

Laurent Timmermans

Managing Director

 Our founder, happy organizer and true business geek. He always finds out of the box solutions for our client's issues. With already 2 masters in the pocket he is currently studying a Doctorate in Business. Hobbies: Learning, Sailing, Hiking

Kuen Liu

Consultant, Accounting, Audit, Tax

 Our Accounting, Audit, Tax expert. He is the wizard of numbers ready to navigate your pile of receipts and get your tax return handled on time. He will liaise with you, our bookkeepers and auditors to get everything flawlessly organised for you Hobbies: Charity work and Boxing